Fuel Pump Kit     P/N 301FPK

This kit is brand new, includes the latest Fabric reinforced Nitrile Diaphragm, compatible with all modern fuels & lubricants, including ethanol based petrols & synthetic oils.

Includes pivot pins, pin bush, clips, spring for lever, seal and filter gauze  

This kit has CAPTIVE valves 

Check the photo to compare with those in your pump

My kit to suit the pump with fibre valves is 300FPK


Allard J; K1; K2; P1; with Ford V8 Mercury engine 3.9, 4.4L with AC Pump 153783; 1539047; 1539119 and Goss G571; G578 Single Action Pumps 1946-52

Ford V8 Flathead with Goss G4376; G571 Pump 1932-47

Ford 59A 221; 239 C.I. V8 S.V. Flathead with AC Pump 1946-48 pump no. 1539047; 1539119

Ford BA Single Spinner 239; 255 C.I. with AC Pump 1949-50 pump no. 1539119

Ford Customline and Mainline V8 with Goss Pump 1951-54 pump no. G578

Ford Freighter SV V8 with AC Pump 1951-52  

Ford Aust and US 4 Cyl S.V. engine with AC Pump 1941-42 

Ford 6 Cyl S.V. engine with AC Pump 1941-47

Ford Thames Trader WOC1; 7V; ET6; V8 SV with Goss G4376 Pump 1939-57

Lincoln Zephyr HB; 86H; 96H; 06H; 16H; V12 Flathead with AC Pump 1937-41

Simca Vedette SV V8 2.4L with AC and Goss G574 Pumps (6 Hole Diaphragm) 1955-64

Wisconsin Australian and US engines with Goss G548 or AC Pumps

Wisconsin Engines VB4; VE4; VG-4; VC4-D; VH-4; VL-4; VP-4; VR4-D; VM-4; USA with AC pumps No. 1537421; 1539847; 5594044

Wisconsin Engines series Nos. as above Australian models with Goss pump No. 38 


Fuel Pump Kit Allard J K1 K2 P1, Ford V8 32-54, Lincoln Zephyr, Simca Vedette, Wisconsin (301FPK)

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