Carter BB; BBR1; RBS; AS; Needle & Seat

Single barrel downdraft carburetor needle & seat assembly.
The RBS can have several different needle & seats.

Difference between this N & S on left and CNS3516 [larger unit on right]

This N & S has 0.086” orifice and 1/8" F.P.T. pipe fitting

Carburettors this N & S suits:

4631S, 4631SA, 4633S, 4633SA, 4634S, 4634SA, 4666S, 4666SA, 4998S, 4998SA, 6041S, 6041SA,
R-3418-1A, R-3418-1AAS, R-3418A, R-4054A, R-4054AAS, R-4223AAS, R-4295A, R-4295AAS,
R-4296AAS, R-4493-1A, R-4493-1AAS, R-4493A, R-4493AAS, R-4558-1A, R-4558A, R-4559, R-4559A,
R-4559AAS, R-4776-1AAA, R-4776-2AAA, R-4776AAA, R-4777-1AAA, R-4777-2AAA, R-4777AAA,
R-4778-1AAA, R-4778-2AAA, R-4778AAA, R-4779-1AAA, R-4779-2AAA, R-4779AAA, R-4780-1AAA,
R-4780-2AAA, R-4780AAA, R-4781-1AAA, R-4781-2AAA, R-4781AAA, R-4788-1AAA, R-8572A 588S,
588SA, 615S, 615SA, 617S, 617SA, 621S, 621SA, 656S, 656SA, 686S, 686SA, 692S, 692SA, 700S,
700SA, 980S, 980SA, 2805S, 2808SA, E7J1, E7J2, E7J3, E7J4


Carter BB BBR1 RBS AS Needle & Seat [CNS503]

  • Brand: Carter
  • Product Code: CNS503
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  • $30.00