Vacuum Pump Kit Bedford, Dodge, Ford Consul, Willys    P/N 754VPK

This kit is brand new, includes the latest Fabric reinforced Nitrile Diaphragm, compatible with all modern fuels & lubricants, including ethanol based petrols & synthetic oils.  

Kit includes pivot pin, clips and spring for rocker-arm, filter gauze 

This kit is for the vacuum side of the pump

As used in:

Bedford S Type engines; Nos. 10959 to 13354; 1952 with pump No. 1524889

Dodge 6 Cyl. 1950 with pump No. 1539543

Ford Consul to engine No. 63026; 1951-52 with pump No. 1524718

Ford Zephyr to engine No. 18125; 1951-52 with pump No.1524718

Willys Series 6-63 Station Wagon; 1948-49 with pump No. 1539245

Willys Series 6-63; 6-73; Jeepster & Station Wagon; 1949-51 with pump No. 1539245

Willys Aero Sedan 1952 with pump No. 1539645; 1539993

NOTE: the early 52 uses a different FUEL side pimp to the late 52 Willys - both use the same Vac side pump

Willys Aero Models; 6-75; Station Wagon; 1953-54 with pump No. 1539993  

Vacuum Pump Kit Bedford, Dodge, Ford Consul, Willys [754VPK]

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