Fuel & Vacuum pump major rebuild kit    P/N 256FPK

All components included to rebuild both sides of this combination pump

This kit is brand new, includes the latest Fabric reinforced Nitrile Diaphragms, compatible with all modern fuels & lubricants, including ethanol based petrols & synthetic oils.

Includes all components for rebuild, pivot pins, pin bush, clips, springs for lever, seal and filter gauze, fuel side & vacuum side diaphragms 

As used in:

Mack B Model with EN-291; EN-331; EN-377; EN-401; EN-402 Engines 1956-63 with pump no. 5594429

Mack D Models with EN-291; EN-331; EN-401 engines 1956-58 with pump no. 5594390

Mack B Models with EN-707B; & C; LJ models with EN-707; E-707A; EN-707EY engines 1958-63 with pump nos. 5594407; 5594428; 5623463

pump nos 4391, 4734, 3463


Fuel & Vacuum pump major rebuild kit Mack B Model '56-63, D Model '58-58 [256FPK]

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  • Product Code: 256FPK
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