Solex gauze filter, fuel inlet

As used in

26FHG; 26FHDT; 26FHGT; 26FV;

30AAPI; 30AHG; 30FAI; 30FAIO-2; 30PAAI; 30PAAI-2;

32BI; 32BIO; 32PBI-2; B32BIO-2; B32BIO-4; B32RBIO-2; B32PBI-2; B32PBI-5;

35AIP-2; 35FAIE;

40AIP-2; 40FAIE; 40RAIP-2; B40PAIO-2; B40PAIO-5;




Solex gauze filter, fuel inlet 26FHG 30AAPI 30FAI 30PAAI 32BI 32PBI-2 B32PBI-5 35AIP-2 40AIP-2 40FAIE and more (B4123)

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