Air Flow Meter "SYNCHROMETER" Type BK 2" intake high airflow to 35kg/h at high RPM

Supplied with rubber cone to suit up to 2” outside diameter air intakes
SYNCHROMETER BK features a rubber sleeve that can be rotated to open a bypass to allow much higher airflow to provide precision balancing at high
RPM without changing the mixture strength at idle
The indication range with bypass closed is 1 to 35kg/h 

The large, easy to read face dial is numerically calibrated in kg per hour air flow.

Provides fast measurement for all types of carburettors, regardless of horizontal or vertical position.
Provides precise information on all multiple carburettor systems at idle through mid-range transition modes and quickly shows jammed shafts and/or mis-aligned throttle discs.
The rubber cone on the SK instrument fits into the ram-pipes or inlet of carburettors for positive air-tight seal without adaptor 
The indication range enables synchronizing all carburettors
With the extended calibration at 1 to 3kg/h, it is also especially useful to check the secondary throttle adjustment on that type of carburettor 

Synchrometer is supplied with a comprehensive instruction sheet to enable the operator to quickly and accurately synchronize multiple carburettors

Used in conjunction with the SYN001C adaptor the Synchrometer can flow test carburettors with bore size 1.125” to 2” 

Also see ABF654 type SK Synchrometer 


Air Flow Meter "SYNCHROMETER" Type BK 2" intake high airflow to 35kg/h at high RPM [ABF655]

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